Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) mimics people interactions, especially on high-volume, high-performance tasks, automate operational processes, minimizes errors and improves efficiency and performance, thus significantly reducing costs.


  • Operational Process Automation
  • Claims/Returns Processing
  • ERP Automation
  • Data Aggregation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reconciliation
  • Chatbot Automation

Some of the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that aid in delivering Profitable Growth are –Improved Efficiency: With technology managing ordinary, monotonous mundane everyday tasks, the entire process runs promptly and efficiently.

Greater Productivity: The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) results in a significant increased output of task. Staff can be freed to apply their experience and skills to more important tasks and projects that drive growth & innovation.

Precise and Errorless Work: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology results greater precision in work by eliminating risks associated by human errors.

Cost Savings and improved finances: In spite of the initial upfront investment required to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, the overall increase in productivity & efficiency along with reduction in human errors lead to immense cost savings and improved finances.

Greater employee satisfaction: The handover of repetitive, boring, and mundane tasks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) along with the ability to participate in more important and high-level projects leads to higher overall satisfaction in employees.

As our RPA partner, KOFAX has the solutions as below for your industry:

Cross Industry

Digitize, automate and accelerate customer and back-end processes with market-leading software.

Robotic Process Automation > Automate tasks to eliminate errors and deliver 100% data accuracy at a fraction of the time and cost.

Digital Transformation > Transform the customer journey via the world’s first unified digital transformation platform.

Web Data Extraction > Automatically extract and integrate business-critical web data to inform business decisions.

Customer Onboarding > Engage customers with a simple, flexible and intuitive onboarding experience.

Dynamic Case Management > Deliver exceptional customer service and business outcomes by managing complex, dynamic business processes.

Financial Process Automation > Streamline end-to-end financial processes to boost productivity, lower costs and increase visibility and control.

Process Intelligence > Monitor, analyze and optimize the quality of your business processes through actionable insights.

Regulatory Compliance > Ensure the consistent application of business rules and regulatory requirements through automation.


Automate onboarding, loans and mortgages, servicing and operations with banking solutions from Kofax.

Account Opening Automation > Automate new account openings to enhance the customer experience and accelerate time to revenue.

Consumer Loan Automation > Streamline and automate your consumer loan origination and closing processes.

Mortgage Processing Automation > Streamline and automate your mortgage loan origination, closing and servicing processes.

Customer Self-service and Assisted Service > Drive customer loyalty through a digital self-service/assisted-service model via a single, open platform.

Financial Data and Equity Research Automation > Automatically extract and integrate web and proprietary financial data to inform investment decisions.

Wealth Management Transformation > Streamline paper-based onboarding processes to provide superior service to high-net worth clients.

Customer Due Diligence Automation > Employ a flexible automation platform to meet Customer Due Diligence requirements

Branch Capture Transformation > Streamline remote branch capture and create a superior customer experience.

Trade Management Optimization > Optimize trade management processes for financial services institutions.

Operational Reporting and Compliance > Automatically gather and integrate compliance information to meet regulatory reporting demands.


Automate and digitize your government services with solutions from Kofax.

Government Application Automation > Improve constituent engagement while you automate, simplify and speed up your application process.

Public Assistance > Automate every aspect of your public assistance programs to better serve constituents.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement > Enhance communication and information access to safely and efficiently serve and protect your community.

Medical Claims Processing > Streamline the digitization, validation, conversion and intelligent routing of paper medical claims.


Automate onboarding, claims processing, servicing and operations with insurance solutions from Kofax.

Digital Mailroom > Transform incoming insurance policyholder or claims documents into actionable electronic information.

Property and Casualty Claims Processing Automation > Automate the insurance claims process to drive efficiencies and keep customers engaged and informed.

Health and Injury Claims Automation > Streamline the digitization, validation, conversion and intelligent routing of paper medical claims.

Customer Engagement and Policy Management > Engage customers with personalized onboarding, claims and policy management communications.

Customer Self-service > Deploy a unified platform to enhance the experience of insurance customers via self-service options.
Applicant-Agent-Producer Onboarding Automation > Engage insurance applicants with a simple, flexible and intuitive onboarding experience.

New Business Underwriting Automation > Empower underwriters with fast, efficient access to information and comprehensive risk analysis.

Customer Due Diligence Automation > Onboard insurance customers faster and adapt to changing Customer Due Diligence requirements.

Branch Capture Transformation > Streamline insurance branch office capture and create a superior customer, agent and broker experience.

Operational Reporting and Compliance > Automate data aggregation to better comply with increasing regulations.