Orchestra is an enterprise customer journey management platform for improved customer and employee experiences

  • Built for organizations with complex requirements, many and/or large premises and a need to manage solutions centrally.
  • Used by international customers in Finance, Retail, Healthcare and the Public sector.


Queue Management – QMATIC

  • Smarter systems for basic waiting line management
  • Online appointment booking
  • Virtual queuing via smartphone
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Extensive statistics and analyses
  • Real-time monitoring

Qmatic Intro 17

Our top of the range, fully integrated self-service kiosk.

Built on embedded platform,giving you a sophisticated,function rich and fault tolerant kiosk.

Centralizes your customer journey management solution in a single fully connected unit.

Lowest total cost of ownership with less hardware,fewer replacement parts and minimum power consumption.

The total kiosk on the market enabled for distributed Operations,which means easily installation,low environmental impact and extra functions .

Can be operated standalone(Qmatic solo) or integrated (Qmatic Orchestra).

We can help you create,the Perfect Customer Journey