For Government and local officials working to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data, networks and systems, new threats are mounting every day. Those responsible for protecting sensitive data face a constantly changing regulatory landscape, ongoing budget challenges and a shortage of skilled workers.

A big job that gets more complex Digital transformation linking people, places and processes together is happening quickly to help improve the business of government and interactions with citizens. It includes moving services to mobile devices, adopting cloud based services, and connecting objects without human intervention (Internet of Things). Managing and securing vast amounts of data, multiple cloud environments and sprawling Internet-connected devices is very complex.  From initial risk assessment to emergency backup and recovery, cybersecurity is a huge job that is only getting bigger. Agencies have a large and constantly expanding set of information assets and operations, each representing different levels of risk and vulnerability. These resources may be susceptible to internal threats, such as disgruntled employees, and external threats, such as malware, identity theft rings, hacktivists and more. Cyber experts need to understand the security posture of all of their IT applications and networks.

Delivering seamless protection with a business-focused approach Security is part of everything we do at CSG. We have helped clients achieve business objectives securely. We help government at all levels understand cyber threats, build strong security business cases, strengthen resilience and determine the return on their security investments.  CSG delivers seamless protection of critical infrastructure, systems and data by assessing potential risks, continuously monitoring for threats in real time, and putting in place the necessary defenses. This includes protecting legacy datacenters and providing the latest solutions for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and hybrid cloud. Our solutions are flexible, cost effective, extensible, verifiable and compliant with legal and regulatory mandates.

Meeting the most demanding requirements CSG clients include high-profile government and critical infrastructure programs with the most demanding security requirements. Our solutions and services fend off cyber-attacks for government clients.


CSG’s cybersecurity offerings for state and local government include:

  1. Security consulting – providing risk assessment plans for improving security posture, policy and procedure development for internal and external threats, analytics, forensics, recovery and training .
  2. Security systems integration and implementation – helping clients implement and operate security systems and tools, including security information and event management systems, web content filtering tools, and continuous diagnostics and monitoring (CDM) to automatically assess a security posture
  3. Security operations centers (SOCs) – providing managed security services, to include 24/7 systems monitoring, real-time reporting and immediate action on suspicious activity, whether on government client premises or at CSG managed SOCs

Application security – drawing on more than a decade of application security experience, from design and test to remediation and deployment, including cryptographic key management for high-value business processes.