Business-Intelligence & Data Analytics

Gain real-time Business, Customer, Competitive insights and make more informed business decisions with our Business Intelligence (BI) Partner, Qlik Data Analytics Platform. Today, more and more companies are realizing how crucial data analysis is for their operations. The generation of data and content has increased rapidly over the last few years. There is also a rise in the computing and analytical capabilities of tools used in modern days.

Business intelligence (BI) is the analysis and presentation of information within an organisation to enable strategic decision-making and improved performance, and ultimately increase profits.
The process of business intelligence is focused on optimising the intelligence that already exists within an organisation. For information to be fit-for-purpose, data must be gathered from a multitude of sources within the organisation and then effectively linked and interpreted so that it can be displayed simply in visual format on dashboards and meaningful reports can be run. This is a highly-detailed and complex process that requires a wide range of specialised business and technical know-how.

BI helps enterprises to equip their decision-makers with the right information at the right time in the right context to significantly improve the quality of decision-making. We can help you to optimize your enterprise performance while dynamically respond to opportunities and threats.

Our team can work closely with you to design your enterprise-wide Business Intelligence strategy. Our expertise combined with domain knowledge makes us the preferred partner for many of our global clients. BI and data analytics allows organizations to search through their data instantaneously, and derive in depth insights that helps them strategise effective course of action for future.

Centre System Group offers complete Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions has strategy to execution.

Business Intelligence strategy

  • BI Blueprint
  • BI Health Check
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Case Modeling & Capacity Planning
  • Master Data & Meta Data Management
  • Data Architecture & Data Quality Management
  • Analytical Model Building, Testing & Deployment
  • Predictive Analytics