Business Continuity Management


Just getting started with business continuity planning? Looking to mature your program and address your customers’ and stakeholders’ most aggressive expectations? Catalyst business continuity software provides comprehensive, yet easy to use, business continuity and IT disaster recovery functionality to prepare organizations for disruptive incidents – offering world-class coaching along the way.
It doesn’t matter what causes the disruption, whether a cyber-attack or natural disaster, Catalyst enables organizations to prepare for the unexpected.

Program Sponsor

Catalyst provides ongoing guidance and measurement capabilities to enable an organization to continue increasing its resiliency and overall level of preparedness – justifying the resource investment and ensuring internal and external customers are satisfied with business continuity capabilities.

BC Program Manager

Catalyst automates administrative-type tasks, giving the program manager more time to focus on improving the business continuity program, consulting with the organization’s program participants, and closing performance gaps – driving a deeper level of preparedness throughout the organization. Catalyst also helps achieve conformance with ISO standards.

DR Program Manager

Catalyst enables Disaster Recovery Program Managers to seamlessly link application and infrastructure information to business requirements – enabling you to focus on building a great recovery capability aligned to business needs. During an incident, Catalyst enables you to visualize the response and recovery effort, which provides the ability to address roadblocks and predict when key recovery events will occur.

End User

Catalyst’s straightforward, easy-to-use interface helps business continuity planning participants get up and running – and involved in the business continuity planning process – in the shortest amount of time possible without significant training. End users can execute business continuity tasks quickly and easily without disruption to their daily schedules.

Internal Audit

Catalyst enables compliance with chosen standards, regulatory requirements, and internal policies in real-time to ensure organizations are meeting expectations and obligations. Internal auditors can easily access program information to quickly enable the creation of risk and compliance-related conclusions and options.