Big Data & IoT

Centre Systems Group with its industry leading partners provide Big Data / IoT solutions to our clients to gather and manage all their data in a scalable, secured infrastructure and provide for actionable insights with advanced data blending and analytics capabilities.

The growth of data storage or computational capacity has risen exponentially and CSG is prepared in the direction of improving our computational and statistical methods. Big data and analytics have become more accessible and affordable than ever before. Organisations need to find new insights in data by linking different data sets, bringing data from data markets to get a bigger picture, finding creative approaches to visualize data. CSG has an edge in this growing space of big data and analytics and we help organisations gain maximum actionable insights from their data.

Our Big Data / IoT Solutions Include for

  • Behavior & Sentiment Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics from Structured & Unstructured data
  • Real Time Fraud Management
  • Security Information & Events Management (SIEM)
  • Real Time Asset Management
  • Customer Experience Management