Artificial Intelligence

CSG is a next generation AI & AutoML product company in collaboration with Cyborg Intell. Their single-click end-to-end, AutoML platform “iTuring”, is geared for banking & finance industries with a view to help them democratize AI & ML across all functional areas.


The product can help the bank in growing revenue, optimizing cost, improving customer experience and reducing risk exposure through data science driven decisioning to solve use cases such as:

  • Customer life cycle management – Targeting, identification of cross sell/upsell opportunities, churn prediction, etc.
  • Developing customer relationship score to measure depth & breadth of relationships
  • Developing NBV based segmentation to measure hidden behavior, payment pattern, payment preference
  • Enabling micro segmentation using machine learning for better insights & strategy
  • Designing test & learn capability to measure campaign effectiveness and performance
  • Risk & credit assessment including automated and instant loan decisioning
  • Loan default prediction, loan defection and fraud detection, etc.

iTuring follows a methodical practice of deep rigor in data science and has completely automated the data metamorphosis work required to build thousands of models – thereby reducing the time required to create highly accurate predictive models from months to days.

Additional benefits of the platform are:

  • Scale up data science capabilities from day 0, without increasing headcount
  • Give delta uptake on existing predictive model accuracy in any business
  • Seamless integration with complex IT system without alteration of existing system